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Landscapes & Nature

Title: Ski Run Medium: acrylic Gouache on gallery canvas Size:16 x16 inches

Title: Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens Medium: Oil on board Size 11x14 inches (framed)

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Misty Morning Lake

Misty Morning Lake Oil on gallery canvas Size : 24x36inches

A Song to the Mist

A Song to the Mist Oil on Gallery Canvas Size : 40 x60 inches


Lake Brienz from Iseltwald Medium l: Oil on canvas Size 30x30x1.5 inches

Tall Trees

Tall Trees Medium: oil on Canvas Size: 18x24x1.5

Frosty Forest Walk

Frosty Forest Walk Medium: oil on canvas Size 60x40x1.5 inches

Jungfrau from Wengen Oil on board Size : 20x16 inches

Night Lily Oil on gallery canvas 12x12 inches

Lily in choppy waters Oil on gallery canvas 12x12 inches

Morning Lily Oil on gallery canvas 12x12 inches

Sunlit Pond Oil on 3 gallery canvases (tryptich) Size: 36x18 (x3)

In the woods Oil on gallery canvas Size 40x40 inches

The Long View Diptych 30x80 in

Creased Water Oil on Canvas 24x36 in

#73 Lilypads triptych Oil on three gallery canvases. Size: 14x18 inches (each canvas) x3 Depth 1.5 inches (sold)


Lily Fields Near Rosseau. Oil on gallery Canvas (Sides Painted) Size:36x48 inches Depth: 1.5 inches

#70 Lilies on the Whiskey Rapids Hike. Oil on gallery canvas Size: 24x36inches Depth: 1.5 inches

Centennial Ridges Lookout

Oil on Gallery Canvas Size: 48x60 inches

Portage at Dawn

Oil on Gallery Canvas Size: 32x40 inches


Oil on Canvas 36x48 in

Georgian Bay Rocks

Oil on Gallery Canvas 48 x 60 in


Water Glory Oil On Gallery Canvas(sides are Painted) Size:20x30 inches Depth:1.5 inches


Snow Birches Description: Oil on Canvas Size 30x40 inches Depth .75 inches


I can see clearly now. Description : Oil on gallery Canvas- with edges painted’ 48x24 inches 1.5 inches deep


#71 Fairy Lake at Dawn Oil on Gallery Canvas (sides Painted) Size 24x36 inches Depth 1.5 inches

Ripples on the lake

#72 Ripples on the Lake Oil on Canvas. Size:30x30 on gallery canvas(depth 1.5 inches)

Cherry Beach springtime early morning

#68 Cherry Beach Springtime Oil On Canvas Size 30x36 Inches


Source Lake , Algonquin Park Description : Impasto Oil on canvas on Cradled board Size 25x36 inches


#41 Birches in the snow Oil on Shellacked Paper Size 16x20inches ( with mat) 17.25x21.25 ( with frame)


#42 Winter trees Description: Oil on Shellacked Paper Size 16x18 inches ( with mat)


Sunday at Sherwood Description: Oil on Paper Size:8x10 inches SOLD


#40 Stockhorn Hike Description: Oil on Canvas on cradled Board Size: 24x26 inches


#45 Sunny City Description: Pastel on sanded Paper Size: 16x22 inches


#58 Midtown Description: Pastel on sanded board 16x20 (including Mat)


#32 A Watery Sun and Crystal Glass Description: Oil on Shellacked Paper Size !6x20 inches (including mat)


#56 Trees in Eglinton Park Description: oil on Board Size: 8x10 inches (10.25 x12.25 in frame)


#46 Chilly Saturday Morning Coffee Description: Pastel on sanded paper Size 17x21inches including mat.

#8 Alliums in the ravine

#8 Alliums in the Ravine Medium : Pastel on paper Size 15x23 inches (22x30.5 inches with mat)

Waiting on a plane

So the last flight before everything changed. This is my husband at the airport in San Francisco Oil on Canvas on cradled board 30x40 inches


A glorious day at the lifeguard house at cherry beach. Oil on Canvas 24x36 inches. Sold.

#9 Cherry Beach chatting

Oil on linen Size : 12x16 inches

Funfair ride

Luna Park, Sydney Australia. Soft Pastel on sanded Paper. 58x77cm


Storm clouds on Leuty’s Lifeguard house The Beaches Toronto. Oil on Canvas 60x70 cm


The Ice breakup on Lake Ontario spring 2019. Oil on Canvas. 60x70 cm


Hike on the Rothorn with the Brienzersee. High above the beautiful town of Brienz, Switzerland Oil on canvas on Cradled Board. 152x92cm. Artist’s collection.


Augsmatthorn and chateau in Iseltwald, Switzerland. A very beautiful part of the world on Lake Brienz. Oil on Canvas on Cradled Board. 60x70cm


A restaurant nearby- Piano Piano. I had to capture a picture this gorgeous flower bedecked facade. oil on Canvas 60x70cm

Bluebell Bank

Oil on Linen. 12”x16” A lovely sight on my walks this spring here in Toronto

The Suspension Bridge

Size: 72x53cm Medium: Pastel

Harbor Bridge from Observatory Hill

Size: 77x85cm Medium: Pastel

Leuty's Lifeguard House

Size: 70x100cm Medium: Pastel Notes: This iconic building is in The Beaches area of Toronto. It is part of a private collection.

Flatiron Building Toronto, Canada

Size: 80x100cm Medium: Pastel

Snowy Hilled Toronto

Medium: Acrylic/Relief

Stoney Beach Vevey, Switzerland

Size: 70x100cm Medium: Acrylic Notes: Pebbles are in relief

Le Grammont

Size: 70x100cm Medium: Acrylic

Frosty Morning Before Work, Toronto

Medium: Pastel

Les Dents du Midi, Switzerland

Size: 70x100cm Medium: Acrylic

Les Dents du Midi, Switzerland

Size: 40x60cm Medium: Pastel

Tree in La Tour de Peliz Switzerland

Size: 40x60cm Medium: Pastel

Mist on Lac Leman, Switzerland

Size: 40x60cm Medium: Pastel

The Trees of Vaud, Switzerland

Size: Medium: Encaustic

Dawn at Folley Point, Sydney

Size: 70x146cm Medium: Pastel

(WIP) Sunday Morning, Sydney Harbour

Size: Medium: Pastel

Eventide Medium: oil on gallery canvas Size: 30“x36“

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